Monday, July 20, 2009

DFO Feature in BC Business

My feature on the DFO, Managed to Fail, came out earlier this month in BC Business Magazine.

It's a sprawling piece that touches on a lot of the issues in this blog, and suggests that we count the fish pulled out of the water-- "cross-sector validation schemes" for commercial, First Nations and sports fisheries-- and that we might look north to Alaska for better "know who to blame" (and praise) management.

Some great voices in the piece, including fishermen Dane Chauvel and Steve Johansen, and Sharolise Baker of the Stellat'en Nation.

As fisheries biologist Marvin Rosenau wrote in an email: "Sometimes, after 30 years in this business, I still feel like we in fisheries are trying to nail jelly to a tree. This is very hard stuff to get your head around."

Great photos in the article by photographer Hubert Kang. Thanks Hubert. Click on the "Managed to Fail" link in the first sentence, or on the photo above to see the piece.

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