Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Homage to RAM

Margin note to yesterday's post... Ransom A. Myers, aka RAM to his friends and admirers, passed away in 2007. "[This] is a huge loss to Canada, in fact an incalculable loss," Halifax columnist Silver Donald Cameron wrote in an email to me yesterday.

To learn more about Myers, a DFO scientist for thirteen years before defecting to academia, go here, or download the PDF of an excellent obituary written by former UBC Fisheries Centre Director Daniel Pauly. Originally published in the journal Nature, the homage is fittingly scientific and replete with phrases like "renormalizing the data in the spawning-stock and recruitment series" -- but it sketches out the troubled history of fisheries management in Canada and RAM's accomplishments.


A future post will provide some excerpts of RAM's critiques of the DFO. Like a handful of other ex-DFO scientists, RAM is an expert witness in the case for the prosecution.

"He was a leader among the handful of DFO scientists who published evidence that excessive
fishing was the sole cause of the [Atlantic cod] stock’s collapse," writes Pauly. "If fisheries conservation biology and its guiding philosophy thrive, it will be because of the energies of the likes of RAM."

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